Q10Vital® is a unique water-soluble form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) with clinically proven superior bioavailability.

Basic (crystalline form) CoQ10 is a fat-soluble molecule which means it will only disperse in oils. The main challenge in CoQ10 usage is therefore its absorption. To improve the absorption and bioavailability of CoQ10, we developed Q10Vital®, a water-soluble CoQ10 complex, which offers numerous advantages over other forms of CoQ10

Its solubility in diverse aqueous media, stability at various temperatures, unchanged organoleptic properties of enriched products and superior absorption have all led to a breakthrough in Q10Vital® usage globally. It is extremely simple to handle and available in liquid or powder forms to enable the easiest way of application.


Superior absorption of Q10Vital® has been determined by 3 independent bioequivalence studies.

The results of clinical studies showed about 4-times better bioavailability of Q10Vital® compared to basic CoQ10 (crystalline). Furthermore, 2.2-times higher bioavailability was shown compared to premium quality soft-gel capsules and same bioavailability compared to ubiquinol.*

*The latest study showed 1.5-times higher bioavailability of Q10Vital® compared to ubiquinol although the result was not statistically significant. For more information about the study, read more here or contact us. 


CoQ10 is present in the human body in both, oxidized (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol) form. It is common knowledge that ubiquinone is normally reduced to ubiquinol during the absorption in the intestine.

Consequently, its function is not affected by the form in which it is consumed. While several marketing activities have tried to imply that with older people the transformation of ubiquinone to ubiquinol is very poor, the latest results show that this is not true. The recent clinical study on older adults, comparing Q10Vital® (ubiquinone) and ubiquinol, showed no significant differences in the redox status of the absorbed CoQ10. No matter which form was taken, 90% of all absorbed CoQ10 in the blood was shown in the reduced form. Meaning that CoQ10 appears in the blood almost exclusively as ubiquinol, even when ingested as ubiquinone by older adults.


CoQ10 is a fat-soluble molecule and our body, which is mainly made of water, absorbs only a fraction of it. The water-solubility of Q10Vital® was achieved with its inclusion into the lipophilic cavity of a starch derivative β-cyclodextrin.

Such complex is completely water-soluble and enables better absorption in the gastrointestinal track.

Watch the video for more.


In order to achieve the best possible outcome and efficiency of the final product, Q10Vital® is available in 3 different concentrations.

  • Q10Vital® 36% powder is suitable for encapsulation and tableting
  • Q10Vital® 15% powder is suitable for powder drinks, sachets and effervescent tablets
  • Q10Vital® 7.5% liquid (pasta) is suitable for syrups and aqueous media


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