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3 independent CoQ10 clinical studies, published in respective scientific journals, have shown superior bioavailability of Q10Vital®.

Efficiency of orally ingested products with CoQ10 depends on its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Superior absorption has been determined by 3 independent bioequivalence studies. They have shown that Q10Vital® is 8 times more bioavailable (with a median of 4) compared to crystalline (basic, fat-soluble) CoQ10.

1.5-times better absorption of Q10Vital® was also determined compared to premium quality soft gel capsules by a well known manufacturer. For more information about the studies, please contact us. 

Chart: Absorption of Q10Vital® compared to cristalline (basic) CoQ10.


The key to effective CoQ10 supplementation is in the absorption.  However, most CoQ10 clinical studies were so far conducted on younger population. As beneficial effects of CoQ10 supplementation is more relevant with older population, Valens was the first company to initiate a comparative study in healthy older adults.

The study involved 3 different CoQ10 forms: ubiquinol, ubiquinone (Q10Vital®) and basic CoQ10. The study confirmed superior bioavailability of Q10Vital® compared to standard product as well as compared to ubiquinol (1.5-fold higher, but not statistically significant). Bioavailability of Q10Vital® have been proven to be superior even in older adults, which are believed to have limited absorption of nutrients in the digestive system.

*For more information about the study, please contact us. 


It is common knowledge that ubiquinone (oxidized form of CoQ10) is normally reduced to ubiquinol during the absorption in the intestine. However, several marketing activities have tried to imply that with older people the transformation of ubiquinone to ubiquinol is very poor. Valens thus has conducted a study which proved that this is not true.

The recent clinical study on older adults, comparing Q10Vital® (ubiquinone) and ubiquinol, showed no significant differences in the redox status of the absorbed CoQ10. No matter which form was taken, 90% of all absorbed CoQ10 in the blood was shown in the reduced form. Meaning that CoQ10 appears in the blood almost exclusively as ubiquinol, even when ingested as ubiquinone by older adults.

*For more information about the study, please contact us. 


CoQ10 is a powerul natural antioxidant. There is also substantial data about its anti-aging effect. While there was some evidence about the effects of dietary intake of CoQ10 on skin parameters and condition, it was inadequate. That is why we initiated a clinical study about the effects of CoQ10 supplementation on skin parameters and condition.

Twelve weeks of daily supplementation with 50 and 150 mg of CoQ10 resulted in:

  • limited seasonal deterioration of viscoelasticity
  • reduced visible signs of ageing
  • significantly reduced wrinkles and microrelief lines
  • improved skin smoothness.

Additional clinical study about supplementation with combination of CoQ10 and hydrolized fish collagen also proved synergistic effect of both ingredients on skin.

*For more information about the studies, please contact us. 

Chart: Regular supplementation with 50 and 100 mg of Q10Vital® resulted in decreased periorbital wrinkle area. 


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